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Treatments and Price List

Ey​elash Extensions

Benefits of eyelash extensions. 

- Adds volume and fullness

- Enhances your eyes

- Feels weightless and natural

- Darker eyes

- Water resistant

- Time saving

You can create any look you want from dramatic to natural. Remember, you don't always have to go big to make a statement, or if you want, the bigger the better! No two sets of lashes are identical; I will always provide new clients with a full consultation and advise you on what will suit your individual eye shape including styles, lengths and curls to suit every eye shape, natural lash condition and taste.  

Silk and mink are used and you can choose from sizes 8mm - 15mm. 

A patch test is required for ALL new clients 24-48 hours before. 

Classic Technique

Classic Technique in which single extensions are applied to one isolated natural lash. Ideal for people who want a natural, less dramatic look. 


3D Tahitian Technique

Ideal for people looking for an in between look of individual and Russian volume lashes, using a 3 lash feathering technique. 


Half S​et Technique

This look caters for those looking for a subtle look where minimal makeup is worn. 


6D Pre-made​ Russian Lashes

6D Volume Lashes are made up of 6 individual strands. They offer a dramatic, made up look. Perfect for achieving the thick mascara look.


Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of two different techniques made into one set of lashes. Adding a longer classic length plus shorter volume to side - achieving a 3D Hybrid look.


Eyelash Maintenance

The process of growth and shedding of your natural eyelash will cause the extensions to gradually fall out, therefore, infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks.


After Care

Try not to touch your new eyelashes; The more you do, the more the oils from your fingers affect the strain on the lash root.

Keep them as dry as possible, for at least 24 to 48 hours.

After the 24 hour mark, they are technically waterproof but please note, very hot showers, spas, saunas etc. will effect the lifespan of your lash.

You must use oil free products around your eyes.

No mascara as these more often than not contain oil and will loosen the glue.

Do not use baby wipes/makeup wipes/cotton wipes to remove makeup off them.

I provide all my clients with a complimentary brush to help maintain your lash.

What to expect

Immediately after the lash application, some individuals will experience minor redness and dry eyes, this normally eases after an hour.

Losing a couple a lashes everyday IS normal and please note the growth of some lash cycles are faster than others, so you may find you will shed faster from one month to the next or season to season.

Nail and Feet Treatments

Gel Polish

- Natural Look

- Stronger Nails

- Dries very quickly

-Long lasting

- Added protection


Basic Manicure

- Manicure soak

-File and Shape

-Pushing and clipping any non living tissue

-Hand massage

-Nail Polish applied


(Add £10 for gel polish)

Basic Pedicure

- Pedicure Soak

-Foot scrubbing with pumice stone/foot file

-Nail clipping and shaping 

-Massage calf and foot

-Nail polish applied


(Add £10 for gel polish)

Luxury Manicure

All included treatments in the basic manicure with heated mittens and manicure hand mask.


(Additional £10 for gel polish)

Luxury Pedicure

All included treatments in the basic pedicure with heated booties and pedicure mask.


(Additional £10 for gel polish)

Gel Nail Aftercare

Your Gel Nails can last for's a few tips...
  • Avoid biting and picking 
  • Wear gloves for all washing, cleaning and gardening etc.
  • Use cuticle oil regularly
  • ALWAYS have your products taken off professionally - DO NOT pick or peel them off. This will cause layers of your natural nail to weaken and damage.

Pamper and Host Parties

Childrens​' Pamper Parties

Every child deserves to be pampered, so why not choose this for your childs' birthday or celebration.  Starting from age 4 and up. 

These include, tattoos, nail paint, home made face masks made by each child at the party, music. A chocolate fountain may be included upon request and party games such as pass the parcel and/or pinata. 

Starting from £10 per child.

Host Parties

Why not gather your friends for a tea party or a wine night?

Host a party with 4 or more of your friends and you will receive a free treatment dependant on whether you host a nail or eyelash party. 

Prices dependant on treatments chosen per guest



Just Wax is the leading range of professional depilatory products. An excellent wax for removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body. It is traditionally a high performing wax for sensitive skin. 

I offer both warm wax and hot wax. 


Full Leg & Bikini         £35

Full Leg                         £28

Three Quarter Leg     £22
Half Leg                        £18

Bikini                            £16

Extended Bikini          £20

         Underarm                   £10         

Full Arm                       £17

1/2 Arm                         £13

Full Face                       £18

Upper Lip                    £7

Chin                              £7

Lip & Chin                  £12

Side of Face                 £7

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