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Image of allergic reaction on the eye when having eyelash extensions.

Why is it important to do a patch test for eyelash extensions?

8 April 2021

Even if you have had lashes before, a patch test is recommended because you may have developed an allergy since your last lash session. 

Patch testing is for your own safety. This helps me to identify an allergy before you are fully exposed to the product. 

How is this done?

I will apply lashes on each eye, using a small amount of glue. I ensure no glue touches the skin, and in doing so, if an allergy is present, you may experience, irritation within a couple of hours. 

When should you have a patch test?

A patch test should be done before the full application - at least 48 hours before. 

What does an allergic reaction look like on the eye? 

The eyelid will be red, sore, swollen and itchy (see image). 

Please note, I offer a sensitive glue for anyone who has had a reaction in the past and doesn't want to use the standard glue. 

How I am Covid Safe

7 December 2020

Going forward and following the Covid-19 pandemic things will be a bit different. 

When arriving for your appointment please call me. 

You will be asked to take your shoes off before entering the premises. 

Wash your hands immediately and please use individual hand towels provided. 

You will be asked to wear a mask, unless you are exempt. 

Please advice me of any changes in medical conditions regarding any Covid-19 symptoms. 

No children will be allowed at this time. 

The KatsGelLash QR code is available. 

I am taking every precaution to allow for extra time to disinfect and follow Babtac insurance instructions and guidelines. 

I look forward to welcoming you and assure you that everything is safe here. 

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